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‘Don’t tell me – show me!’ This is when a picture ( or a video) really does speak 1000 words….



‘Skycam Wales have been invaluable in helping us achieve the desired branding position for FBM Holidays. A joy to work with, we feel this that this project will be a successful chapter of our brand story and an effective tool in customer attraction and retention.’

FBM holidays


Here is a fim we made for  FBM Holidays based in Tenby, West Wales…

Low altitude pictures offer an exclusive view of holiday destinations, accommodation and facilities- what better way to show case a stunning location? Use the images to provide directions, illustrate proximity to beaches and other attractions and generally ‘show off’ what is on offer! Before UAS photography the only method of obtaining aerial images was to use a  plane or helicopter restricted to 1000ft. SkyCam Wales can operate from ground level up to 400 ft and the images are much more detailed – perfect for tourism marketing! Of course, for higher shots that are needed to photograph a wider area we can still use the traditional methods.