Property professionals are beginning to comprehend  the benefits of using UAS cameras  to photograph and film property and land. Commercial premises, retail parks and leisure outlets, large countryside residences, holiday and tourist attractions are some of the obvious applications of this technology.

UAS  can be placed or flown  anywhere unlike the use of an ‘aerial mast’  that has  limited height and position  capability.

Film and stills are available . A “movie” with an emotive soundtrack  taps into the senses of the viewer, enhances the experience and is an efficient sales tool. There is a sense of space and amazing perspective to further increase sales potential.

The use of UAS imaging is exciting and engaging. Viewers  enjoy the footage from an entertainment perspective.

Using a UAS  is cost-effective.  So much less expensive than  a helicopter and far more intimate with flights close to buildings that  capture detail in a different and dramatic way.