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The Sky is the limit…

Snowdon Summit

SkyCamWales are specialists in low-altitude, broadcast quality  aerial photography, videography and film using radio-controlled multi rotor unmanned aerial systems – UAS.  (More commonly lnown as drones). The elevated filming perspective provides an image experience traditionally only possible using intrusive and costly  dolly rails and /or helicopters. Our UAS cameras are gyrostabilised to produce ultra smooth tracking shots and rock steady stills. The latest technology for both our flight equipment and photography means we provide images and service of the highest quality.

The UAS  that we use afford  access to  areas that traditional photographers and videographers  cannot reach and we can be air-borne quickly. We work safely anywhere from floor level to 120 metres altitude using our GPS enabled equipment. A 360° gyroscopic gimbal and video downlink affords the pilot, camera operator, director, producer or client a real time view thus facilitating full control of framing and filming angles. Video is broadcast quality in HD and we offer a full design and video editing service. SkyCam Wales can be engaged as standalone aerial medium or integrated into a production team. The techonology allows us to film and photograph indoors as well as outside.

We have more than 30 years experience as professional commercial photographers and aerial filming specialists.Our senior pilot has over 30 thirty years flying experience and is a specialist in build and maintenance of UAS. As an associate member (ABIPP) of the British Institute Professional Photography  clients can be assured of the highest level of quality and service.

SkyCam Wales is fully insured with public liability and professional indemnity to fly up to 400ft with permissions for aerial work granted by the Civil Aviation Authority. (PFAW)  Our pilots are BNUC-s qualified and all operations are conducted  according to stringent operational and safety regulations. If traditional aerial photography is required we have a fixed wing aircraft for this purpose. All terms and conditions are the same as those of booking our UAS services.

The applications of the technology are limited only by imagination ranging  from extreme sports to structural surveys and archaeology to tourism, agriculture and Search and Rescue. 

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