International Drone Day – March 14th 2015

Join us in  event highlighting the latest in Drone technology!

Skycamwales has been chosen to represent Wales on the  first annual International Drone Day.

We are  one of over 150 teams throughout the world that are coming together on one day to inform the public about the positive ways in which “drones” are used to better society in many beneficial ways. Our mantra is: “Drones are Good!”

Drones (also referred to as multirotors, quadcopters, flying robots, flying cameras, and UAVs) are not used by the drone community to harm or spy on people. Instead they are used in search and rescue, law enforcement, fire fighting, environmental research, conservation and preservation, agriculture, sports, photography, cinematography  just to name a few. Skycam Wales  will highlight these uses of unmanned drone aircraft.Sin título-2